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Panama Corporations

For business, banking, cryptocurrency and asset management

Take Control of Your Personal and Financial Freedom


Set up a corporation in Panama without having to visit the country


Corporation and personal accounts in a low tax, secure country with excellent tools


Trade crypto inside your corporation with no annual income taxes

The Ultimate Solution for Digital Entrepreneurs, Expats, Professionals, Cryptocurrency Investors and Anyone Who Values Their Freedom 

Take control of your personal and financial freedom

The world has changed. Covid and the related lockdowns and restrictions have limited freedoms, especially in developed countries. Being tied to a high tax, low freedom country is no longer desirable for a lot of forward thinking people.

Work has changed. Professionals and business owners in many sectors no longer need to be chained to one location. Business is only going to move away from the outdated model that was dying even before covid.

Money has changed. Crypto is only going to grow in value, adoption and use. As long as central banks print money unabated the future of traditional currency is in doubt. The rich and powerful will benefit while everyone else sees a hidden tax on their wealth as inflation devalues it's buying power.

Taxes have change. The only way to pay for the massive increase in government spending is to tax the 99%. Corporations and billionaires will continue to control central governments and ensure their share of the wealth only grows.

Freedom has changed. Developed countries discovered that they are able to restrict the day to day lives of citizens through fear. Once a government grants itself a power they rarely relinquish it. 

Do you want to be the victim of these changes? Or do you want to take your rightful control back? 

Why A Panama Corp Is The Solution


Low Tax: Panama has a territorial tax system. Meaning any income earned abroad  abroad including online has no corporate tax. The dividend tax on that income is only 5%. And only when you withdraw it.

Ease of Set Up: We can set up your corporation, corporate and personal bank accounts, crypto trading, and precious metals accounts for you. Without ever having to visit the country.

Secure Banking System: There's a reason why major corporations and large investors choose bank in Panama. A well capitalized and professional banking sector is able to service all your needs. 

Cryptocurrency: Panamanian corporate bank accounts can be linked to the major exchanges like FTX, Binance, Kraken and more. There are no taxes on crypto gains traded within the accounts inside the corporate structure. Your gains are multiplied as you can roll profits into more crypto. 

Asset Holding: Your Panama corp can buy and hold property in Panama and abroad. If you use your profits to purchase assets inside the corporation there are no taxes as long as they stay inside the corporate structure. Including property such as vacation homes which you can live in or rent for profit. 

How can you benefit?

If you reside outside of your home country (other that the U.S.) you can become a non tax resident. In most cases this means you are exempt from taxes there. You can move to country with a better climate, lower cost of living, and save a large amount of your hard earned money.

Americans can take advantage of the foreign earned income tax credit for up to $107,600 per person, $215,200 per couple. There are some challenges to achieving this but we have a system and structure to legally meet those requirements for you. 

Even if you are still residing in your home country you can start benefiting. You can form it to create bank accounts in Panama. You can trade crypto inside the corp without paying the taxes on your trading income every year. You can buy property inside the corp for current or future use. 

Do you want to improve your quality of life and retire early? If you do you've come to the right place. 

Why Choose Think Safe Consulting?

We're the industry leader in Panama in providing these services. Other companies cannot offer the combined services we offer. We're also the most experienced in creating a seamless solution for your needs. Unlike our competitors you don't have to fly to Panama, spend weeks there, and try to set up their own bank and crypto accounts. 


We are not the cheapest. We are the best value. This is your personal and financial future. Would you choose a second rate doctor for you or your family if life depended on it? If so then we wish you luck. 

Our Packages

We have created three packages based on what best fits the needs of our past, present and future clients. They range from $5000 to $7000 depending on your needs. Given the savings generated they usually pay for themselves multiple times over in the first year alone. 

Click here to download the PDF detailing the extensive services and assets offered in each tier. Or click the button in the next section to have a real life expert go through it all in detail.

Want to See How This Would Benefit You?

Click the button below. We'll get back to you within 24 hours for a free consult. We are experiencing high client volume. So click now to reserve your spot. 

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